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At fountain of wisdom school, we stand with God. Set up unbeatable standard for others to follow. Our track record is stable, maintained and of high quality to build up our children for the future generation.

The school is a pacesetter to all other schools in the community. The vision and mission speak volumes of our set goals and objectives to build up solid, guaranteed and qualitative education in the nation. To impact children with worthwhile knowledge and model them for the future ahead.

At fountain of wisdom schools, the santity of God’s grace, diligence, honesty and endurance for our reservoir of knowledge are well upheld.

Fountain of wisdom school is a gateway to all academic excellence. Join us to tap from the reservoir of knowledge.



To nurture and harness all the God-given potentials in children and transforming them into purposeful operative skills that will make them function within the society.


To nurture our children morally, mentally, socially and academically: using the Montessori system of education combined with the moral cultural integration. For our students, it is to lead from the reservoir of God’s knowledge for our young people who will mix it comfortably with other college grades from any institution as they prepare for a life of service to humanity.

We are one of the foremost international schools in Lagos, Nigeria providing a well-rounded education that enables our students to develop vital life skills and excel academically.

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